Working with the Raders

I have the pleasure of being relatives of the Rader family. If you live in Panama City FL, you have probably heard their name before.

The Rader family has been a staple in the Panama City area for generations. They operated The Grand Ole Opry here and had many successful years of great family music and performances. 

Billy Rader is currently performing on Panama City Beach and I was asked to photograph some promotional images for him and his wife Becky. 

Going into this shoot we knew we wanted  a some nice pictures of Billy for his solo shows and Billy and Becky together for their duets. We had fun just trying some different poses using his guitar and fiddle. We were able to use the old McKenzie house in Historic downtown Panama City for the shoot, and it was my first time seeing inside this beautiful location. 

Built in 1909, this home was the residence of Robert Lee McKenzie. Robert was the first mayor of Panama City and served in this position for fifty years. This building is used for a choir practice space and other events in this downtown area. 

Drawing inspiration from some old time country stars we captured an amazing set of photos for Billy’s new set of promotional photos

It is always fun being a part of the rader families legacy and taking pictures for them. I look forward to working with Billy in the future and hope to be able to use the McKenzie house again for a shoot location.

 Take a look at my educational post on ISO. It will help you understand a little of what I look at when shoot



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