Laughs at the Solari Wedding

The moment I got home from this wedding I talked my wife’s ear off. Seeing old friends growing their family was such a pleasure and I was so blessed to be asked to video this wedding. I started off the day with the family of the bride at their Airbnb. The ladies of the wedding party were all smiles and laughs while they were getting their hair and makeup done.

Makeup Laugh

A side note about these photos, they were taken from the video I shot on the Sony A7II with an MC11 hooked to the Canon 24-105 F4 L. These images look amazing for being taken from video and I am so happy to have this camera in my gear bag. It is small, sharp and fast.

Brides MakeupEverything was moving swiftly and I was called to go capture the guys getting suited up. I walk into the church and this is the first thing I see.

Big Wheel

A grown man peeling out a big wheel on a hardwood floor… It was pretty funny. This is the bride’s brother and the clown of the groom’s side of the party. The men got their suits unbagged and began the difficult task of tying ties. I wanted to help these guys knot their ties but I was getting such great footage I didn’t want to interfere.Tie 1

But they all looked sharp when they finally figured it out.

Groom in the Chapel

The ceremony location was perfectly set up, the weather was pleasant and everyone was ready to see these two get married. The music started and the party walked down the aisle, I am sure tears were falling in the crowd. This wedding was beautiful and the families were amazing throughout this whole day. I am so happy to have been a part of this big day. I would love to shoot at Bradley’s Pond in Tallahassee Florida again and I can’t wait to see this family grow through the years. Here is a teaser of the final video from this wonderful wedding.


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