A tool for my horrible grammar

In person, I feel like I am good at constructing sentences. When writing… Not so much. I am one of those, what do you call them? Oh yeah, home school kids. English was not my strong subject. My mother was a great teacher and prepared me well for the world around me. But when I look at my writing and think, “that’s pretty darn good” I ask Grammarly and it says otherwise. When you are writing a lot either on social media, email or another outlet, you don’t always structure things correctly in writing. We write like we speak and it sounds great in our head but where do you out the dang comma to stop a sentence from running on too long or never having a period on it…….. I did not ask Grammarly on that sentence by the way. Grammarly sits over your current browser window as a green button,

The button will spin when it is scanning your text to find errors in your writing. The green button will turn red if it finds something that is not correct. This tool is amazing and I recommend it for anyone that writes a lot. You can get Grammarly through the link below. Using the link below helps support me and my mission to help you all better yourself through technology.



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