Brides on the lookout

Happy June everyone. Summer is in full swing and brides are out looking for deals.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the  flash Bridal Show by The Wedding Shop Panama City Florida. There was delicious food, great music and amazing people in attendance. The picture below is one of the games that was played during the show. The bride and someone that joined her for the show had to grab gummy rings on a stick. Using their mouth. It was so funny to watch and this guy was so focused. 

Brides and their loved one’s were able to walk through the show and get information from vendors for cakes, catering, makeup and more. My wife joined me for this one and we had a blast getting our booth all pretty and meeting all the couples ready to wed. 

Seeing all the bride’s-to-be and vendors having such fun at the bridal show made this event a wonderful experience. We are definitely going to join The Wedding Shop for the next one. 

If you would like some information that will help you in planning your wedding, check out my other blog post about how you can help photographers get the best images possible. Dear brides from your photographer


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