Make your wedding #trending

The summer wedding season is booming, will your wedding be hashtagged #memorable? When my wife and I got married we went into the planning process wanting people to have as much fun as we did. A Tardis photo booth, take home mason jar cups, personalized kids coloring books were just some of the features at our wedding. Everyone that came was talking about it for weeks and still mention how awesome it was now. If you want your wedding to be #trending there is a great article on The Knot about the trends for weddings in 2017.

Unique Invitations

photo from Pinterest

Invitations are the first thing most guests will see from you about your big day, shouldn’t it be amazing? Simple monograms on a beautiful portrait of the two of you, there are so many options for this. I have a new option for this in my video packages, but you will need to contact me to find out more,

Ceremony Remix

circle wedding ceremony- photo credit Stylemepretty

photo credit Stylemepretty

I love this idea. Thinking about the guests encircling the bride and groom as they confess their love sounds so beautiful. As a videographer/ photographer, I can imagine so many opportunities for unique photos in a setup like this. It is now a dream to shoot a wedding in this fashion. Hurry up brides, let’s make this happen.

Grand Getaways

photo from Wedbook

I am so glad they covered this in their article. Having an exit that is totally you and completely unique will leave your guests wishing the party would last longer. Sparklers, bubbles, ride away on horses, make it impressive and fun to leave the image in your guest’s mind. This will also help me as a videographer give you an amazing close on your final video and give everyone a smile that watches it.

All of the trends happening in 2017 are amazing. I am excited to see more of these trends in my weddings coming up. Brides if you want some suggestions for how video can help make your wedding #trending sending me an email and let’s make your wedding shine.

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I only covered a few of the unique features the knot article mentioned but you can see them all in their article 2017 Trends.

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